Geotag Photos coming to the Apple Watch

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Geotag Photos coming to the Apple Watch

Geotag Photos Pro for Apple Watch

We strongly believe that Apple Watch and smart watches in general are great assistants for all keen photographers. The way how most of you work with Geotag Photos Pro app is that you simply start logging in the beginning of the trip, then hide phone into backpack and forget on it. It works pretty well in most cases.

Wouldn’t it be great, if you have the possibility to quickly check that the latest and accurate position was logged? Or maybe you want to log new position manually. Maybe change the frequency, how often are new points grabbed. Or simply you just want to be sure, that everything is OK (like you phone was not turned off because low battery or so).

For this quick check and basic settings changes are Apple Watch pretty ideal tool.  So ideal that we are happy to introduce our newest app – Geotag Photos for Apple Watch.

What you can do with it?

  • start the trip
  • log the current position
  • change the settings of automatic logging
  • check the current and last logged position on the map


Geotag Photos for Apple Watch will be available on the App store since the Apple Watch’s release date – 24th April 2015. Until then try Geotag Photos Pro on your iOS device – for download please click here.

Hope you enjoy it.

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