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Dog Monitor lets you see what your pup is up to from the Apple Watch on your wrist

Today we have released a new update of the Dog Monitor, an iOS & Mac app for dog owners that want to stay in touch with Fido when he’s home alone. This new version works with the Apple Watch to help you check up on your pooch’s antics right from your wrist.

We’ve learned that Dog Monitor users love to check on their pet from work and they asked for a more discrete way of doing that than their smartphone. Dog Monitor on Apple watch will make it possible”, says Jindrich Sarson, CEO of TappyTaps.

Dog Monitor uses any combination of two iOS devices or Macs and turns them into an advanced Pet monitoring solution. Dog owners can hear their dog barking and soothe it when it is lonely and sad.

Dog Monitor Screenshos

Live video makes it easy to discover your pet playing – or chewing up your shoes.  Now, with this new update, some of these features are available conveniently on the device you wear – your watch.

The Apple Watch app works in addition to the second device, giving you convenient access to some features. You receive an alert once your dog starts barking, and you can then check the video stream as well as details of the monitoring sessions to see what’s going on at home.



Features of Dog Monitor: 
  • Alerts you to whining, barking, howling, and other canine noises
  • Shows live video of your dog
  • Gives you an overview of the last noise and the length of monitoring session
  • Shows you the battery levels of both Dog and Breeder stations


Dog Monitor for iOS and Apple Watch is available for $3.99 worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Lifestyle category. Apple Watch requires iPhone 5 and newer.


Download at App Store           download_at_mac_store


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