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OnePlus 2 will have ‘Faster Than Apple Touch ID’ Fingerprint Sensor

The OnePlus 2 is shaping up to be an interesting Android handset; after confirming we’d see a USB-C Port, OnePlus now says its second-generation Smartphone will also have a fingerprint sensor that’s “faster than Touch ID”. OnePlus goes on to say the fingerprint sensor on the One Plus 2 is “done right. It’s refined and lightning quick, unlocking your device faster than TouchID.”

We already have fingerprint scanners on Android devices, Windows 10 Errors, but they’ve all been incredibly disappointing so far. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are by far the best available, but they’re still nowhere near as accurate or as reliable as Touch ID on an iPhone.

OnePlus confirms fingerprint scanner for the OnePlus 2

Georg Griesinger

OnePlus also reminded us how in the past, fingerprint readers used to be too slow and inaccurate, to the point where it might have been faster to use a PIN number. However, according to the company, many users check their phones as many as 200 times a day. If you multiply that by an average of three seconds, which is how long it takes to use a Pattern or PIN unlock, it would end up wasting you more than an hour every week.

OnePlus 2 to have Fingerprint Scanner for added Security:

The company called the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint reader “refined and lightning quick” and able to unlock the device faster than Touch ID unlocks an iPhone. The fingerprint sensor is also capable of storing up to five profiles of your finger.

Alleged OnePlus 2 leak shows phone could have wooden back with fingerprint scanner

OnePlus promises that the part in its next flagship will be “one of the latest and most advanced fingerprint sensors out there”. It also claims it will work faster than Apple’s Touch ID, which is a bold statement to make.

We’ve already found out that it will employ the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, overheating issues be damned, and that it will be finally made official on July 27 through a VR presentation. The exact price of the OnePlus 2 is also not known, though the firm earlier this month stated the price of OnePlus 2 would definitely be higher than $322 (roughly Rs. 20,500) or CNY 1,999.

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