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How to use Baby Monitor 3G on the Apple Watch


It’s now two weeks since we released Baby Monitor 3G for the Apple Watch. As our support team has received couple of questions about “how does the app actually work on the Apple Watch“, we wrote the article that explains you more in detail the app functionality and will help you with the initial settings.

How many devices do I need?

Baby Monitor 3G normally requires two devices (there are apps for iOS, Android or Mac). The first one stays in the child’s room as a Baby station, while the other one is with you as a Parent station.

Baby Monitor 3G enables live video on the Apple WatchBaby Monitor 3G for the Apple Watch now works only as an extension of Parent station and can’t replace the second device! This is the Apple policy for all third-party apps, but we believe it will be changed soon 🙂

We also wanted to let parents hear and talk to their baby right from the watch, as they can on other platforms, but sadly it’s not possible. Current Watch Kit API allows developers to use the microphone and speakers only for Siri.

Initial settings

If you want to use the Apple Watch app, you please run the app as usual (e.g. iPad as a Baby station, iPhone as a Parent station). For tutorial how to pair Baby and Parent stations for the first time please click here. As already said above, the Apple Watch app now serves as the extension of Parent station device (.e.g. iPhone). Therefore, please check that your Parent station’s device is already paired with your Apple Watch. If so, the app will start automatically on your Apple Watch.

When and how I can use Baby Monitor 3G for the Apple Watch?

We use Baby Monitor 3G on daily basis for monitoring our own children. Even before the Apple Watch release we came across to many situations in which we found the smart watch app would have been more than  helpful. E.g. imagine the following situation:

Sleeping Status Apple WatchYour baby girl sleeps and you are trying to do as many cleaning tasks as possible. You are a SuperMom, remember? 🙂 It is almost done, only to throw a trash. You run out of the house. Unfortunately you meet the neighbor, who want to share her amazing experience with the new hairdresser. It seems to be a long chat 🙂 Normally you would be nervous, as your Parent station stayed on the kitchen desk and you wouldn’t know what’s happening in the child’s room. But it is not that case! You have the Apple Watch! Thanks to the Baby Monitor 3G for Apple Watch you don’t have to be afraid about your baby girl. You know she sleeps. You can check her on live video and you will be alerted when she wakes up. Moreover you can go through the overview of last noises, see length of monitoring session and check the battery level of Baby and Parent Stations.  The Apple Watch app gives you the peace in mind. And you also have a great tip on a new hairdresser 🙂

Let us know, in which situations does the Apple Watch app help you, in comments, on our Facebook page or by sending an email to

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