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Dog Monitor for Android is here!

We are thrilled to announce the release of Android version of Dog Monitor – must have app for all caring dow owners. Thanks to it you can now connect any two devices (iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or Mac) and turn them into an advanced pet monitoring solution.


Dog Monitor is a very popular app, that has already helped many of you to solve troubles (barking, separation anxiety or chewing up your shoes) with your pets. Read one of the success stories here.

With Dog Monitor you can: 

  • Monitor your dog when it is lonely and hear when it is barking.
  • View live video or images, which make it easy to discover what your pet’s doing or been up to.
  • Communicate with your dog to prevent him from chewing your favorite slippers, or, to stop her from barking and destroying your neighbors’ sanity.


Other important features:

  • Unlimited Reach – backed up by the support of both your WI-Fi and cellular connection makes staying in touch with your pet at home easy and convenient no matter where you are.
  • Vibration Alarm  – alerts you discreetly so you can learn when your dog starts barking,
  • Night Light  – makes it possible to see your favorite pet even in a dark room
  • Network Efficiency – one hour of typical use requires only 2Mb of data, which means using the Dog Monitor won’t drain your tight data plan

Dog Monitor for Android is available for $3.99 worldwide exclusively through the Google Play Store in the Lifestyle category. 

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The Android Dog Monitor is fully compatible with iOS and Mac versions, which are available for separate purchases.

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