Brand new Geotag Photos for Android is coming soon

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Brand new Geotag Photos for Android is coming soon

We are very happy to unveil the brand new Geotag Photos for Android – the app that let’s you geotag photos taken by any camera  (DSLR or compact one)

It’s not just a small update, but a completely new geotagging app, that has been rewritten from scratch. You can look forward to many awesome improvements. Today we will introduce you  one of the most visible ones – brand new design.

Brand new design

The previous user interface of Geotag Photos has already looked a little bit old-fashioned, so we decided to introduce the brand new, more elegant, yet all-round more fully featured design for the app.


Better visualization of current trip

When the trip is already started, the “Record Trip Screen” provides you clearly organised important information – map with the recorded track including already logged points, distance walked from the last logged point, logging interval and time since the last log. You can zoom in the map or open it on fullscreen. More detailed information about your trip can be found in “Trip details”.

Clearly designed trip history

If you are keen photographer, you will definitely appreciate the clear design of  “Trip history screen”. The simple overview of your trips is organized by months. Each trip in the list is described by the name, small map, date and total distance. You can easily click on “Trip details” or “Map” to see more info.  On the “Map” detail you can see all tracks, the one you want to see more in detail is highlighted in red.

Easy-to-follow on boarding tutorial

Thanks to the new beautifully designed tutorial you will be able to set up the Geotag Photos app with your camera in a  minute.

Hope you will like the design as much as we do:- ) But it is not all. There are much more great features you can look forward to. In the next few days we will introduce you them all on our blog.

Try the new Geotag Photos for Android

New Geotag Photos Pro for Android is currently in beta testing phase.  If you are interested , join our team of beta testers and become one of the first photographers who can try the brand new app.

Try  the beta version

Pricing and availability

As stated before, the new Geotag Photos will be a completely new app. We haven’t settle the final pricing yet, but current users of the Geotag Photos pro will get significant discount. So the new Geotag Photos will be paid upgrade but you won’t have to purchase the app for full price.

Everyone who purchased the Geotag Photos Pro after 30. March 2015 before Geotag Photos 2 release date (15th June 2015) will be able to upgrade for free.

What about iOS ?

Don’t worry, we’ll update the iOS version as well with same features and similar look. We’re just polishing the design and the new Geotag photos for Android will be available in upcoming weeks.

What do you think?