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4 Ways How To Help Your Kids Sleep During Travel

We love traveling – meeting new people, exploring history and tradition of visited countries, tasting the local cuisine. We had made a lot of wonderful trips all over the world before our daughter was born and decided not to give up traveling even after our family has grown up.

Our biggest concerns when traveling with our small daughter were if and how it will disrupt her sleep schedules. For small children, new and unfamiliar environments, traveling for long distances and time zones changes can lead to the difficulties with falling asleep and staying asleep contact us at stattuorials gmail service. We complied a list of a few tips, how we try to help our daughter sleep better while we are away from home.

1) Create the known environment

Hotel RoomWhen we stay in the hotel or by friends, we always set up a “sleep station” where our daughter will sleep. If possible we rent baby crib or bring our own baby mattress. The mattress we usually put on the floor – especially because it is a very safe (you don’t have to be worry that your child will fall down from the bed). We always pack daughter’s pillow and her sleeping rabbit and sleeping teddy on our ways. Thanks all these things she can smell the home and it makes her feel safe in the unknown environment. You can add your child’s favorite toy, pacifier or baby sleeping bag.

Sometimes we create a blanket wall to prevent our daughter from seeing us in the room. It blocks her view to us and helps her to go back to sleep if she wakes up.

We can also highly recommend traveling with camper. It is a fantastic mean of transport when traveling with kids – you can stop anywhere, cook the meal for kids, sleep over a while or just have a rest. For kids it means the well known environment, where they feel like at home. If you can buy it or rent it, do it 🙂

2) Keep the rituals

Traveling is a huge change in your baby’s or toddler’s life. Try keeping us much the same as possible to offer the child the feeling of security and comfort.

We keep our pre-bedtime routine even when being miles far away from home. Our daughter is used to eat a dinner, take a shower or bath, put on PJs and her sleeping bag, kiss and hug all people in the room and go with Mum or Dad to the bed. We kiss and wish her good night, lay her in the bed, cover with blanket and leave the room. It is our ritual and thanks to it she knows that now is the time to sleep. We also try to keep the time of her bedtime – usually around 7:30 pm.

3) Be ready for changes

StrollerDoing a few sleep-related exceptions that wouldn’t fly at home, is the part of parent’s creativity when traveling. We e.g. hold our daughter’s hand or stay with her side by side in the bed to help her fall asleep. Also she doesn’t like traveling by car a lot, so we usually plan longer shifts according to her nap time – around lunch or in the evening.

As we don’t want to be slaves of our child’s sleep during the day, we try to be very flexible about napping. However, we believe that some sleep is better than no sleep. Skipping the naps can lead to very crabby mood of your child and disrupt this fun and enjoyable time. Therefore we always take a stroller, so our daughter is able to nap on our walking trips anytime she wants.

4) Use technology

travel_with_babyWe can’t imagine our trips without the technology. Our biggest assistant is the application Baby Monitor 3G . One of our cell phones stays in the room with our daughter and the second one we take with us. We can hear her, thanks to two-way communication we can soothe her and what we love the most is that we can see her via video or photos (depending on the internet connection quality). We can have a dinner or glass of wine in the hotel’s restaurant, sitting in the garden with our friends and don’t be afraid of our daughter. Baby Monitor 3G alerts us anytime when she is awake.


Even though we don’t use it at home, we found out very useful to use white noise on our ways. Using white noise can eliminate the noises in the hotel and the need to be very quiet. We use Baby Dreambox – the application that includes around 20 relaxing sounds and lullabies. We appreciate especially the possibility to record our own lullabies and fairy tales and the smart timer. The application listens to our daughter and play the soothing melody when she is awake. As soon as she starts dreaming again, the sound stops gently.

Hope these tips help you to enjoy your trips with kids. We love them and always spend a wonderful time. Happy traveling

Katerina & Jan Sarson

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