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15 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Our Twitter followers have already noticed, that we started to publish tips for traveling with kids this month. For those who don’t follow our Twitter account yet, we compiled a summary list of these tips. Hope they help you a little bit to enjoy your family vacation without losing your mind 🙂

15 tips for traveling with kids

  1. Slow down and don’t try to replicate the way you used to travel before baby.
  2. When traveling, become a kid again — explore, investigate, ask questions.
  3. Pack smart and light. Wear heaviest clothes on flight and what it is needed first put on the top of your luggage.
  4. Bring a few comforts from home and create known environment for your children.
  5. When traveling, create the known “sleep station” for your baby. If possible we rent baby crib or bring own baby mattress.
  6. Don’t forget the favorite comfort item – baby sleeping bag, sleep sheep, pacifier etc.
  7. Using white noise can eliminate the noises in the hotel and the need to be very quiet. Have a look at Baby Dreambox.
  8. Stick to your nap times and pre-sleep routines as much as you can.
  9. Start your trip when your baby would normally be sleeping.
  10. Doing a few sleep-related exceptions that wouldn’t fly at home, is the part of parent’s creativity when traveling.
  11. Don’t be afraid of using technology during trips – Baby Monitor 3G for baby monitoring or Baby Dreambox for helping your child to fall asleep are great assistants.
  12. Whether you are heading on holidays or on one-day trip, a portable mealtime seat can help simplify feeding on the go.
  13. Always take your own food, as you might not be able to buy snacks. Long trips and flights can leave kids cranky.
  14. Learn a new skill together, share the joy of learning together and create memories.
  15. Give your child a journal or digital camera and let him to capture your travel memories.


Do you have any other tips? What does help to your family enjoy your family vacation? Share them with  us here in comments, on our Facebook page or Twitter account.

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