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5 Must Read Posts How To Travel With Kids


Last month we published series of articles about traveling with kids in which you can find dozens of tips how to stay sane and enjoy your family vacation on 100 %. As these articles have become very popular, here is the summary list all of them. Hope they inspire you and help you to spend wonderful summer holiday with your kids!

How To Use Baby Monitor 3G On Family Vacation

BM3G_family_vacation_instagramDoes Baby Monitor 3G work abroad? What are the possibilities for connecting both devices? How much data does the app consume? How I can save valuable cellular data? If you are looking for answers on these frequently asked questions, read more here.

4 Ways How To Help Your Kids Sleep During Travel

How To Help Your Kids Sleep During TravelDo you concern about your baby’s sleep during your travels? How you can help your baby to overcome the difficulties with falling asleep and staying asleep when being on the road? See the list of tips, how our founder Jan and his wife Katerina help their daughter to sleep better while they are away from home. Read more here. 

Holiday Packing List for Babies & Toddlers

Holiday Packing List for Babies & ToddlersAre you planning traveling with baby but you are scared of packing? Are you always afraid of forgetting something that your baby or toddler would need when you are out of home? To reduce a stress connected with the packing on family holiday, we compiled a list of recommended items, that your baby or toddler shouldn’t go on holiday without.

Download a free printable here.

Travel Products For Kids We Love

Travel Products We LoveWhat are the products for kids that we like and use when traveling with our daughter? Here you can find the list of things that make our trips and holidays easier, so we can enjoy every minute of being together.

15 Tips For Traveling With Kids

15 tips for traveling with kidsTraveling with kids is challenging. Load of joys and experiences on the one hand and a lot of struggles and worries on the other hand. Here you can find 15 tips for traveling with kids that hopefully help you a little bit to enjoy your family vacation without losing your mind 🙂


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