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New Baby Monitor 3G Introduces Activity Log

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Today we are happy to announce that new iOS and Android updates are out! Alongside many hidden improvements that makes Baby Monitor 3G more reliable, stable and effective we would love to introduce  you the brand new feature – Activity Log.

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How can Activity Log help me?

Activity Log ScreenshotHave you ever experienced the following situation? Your baby sleeps, you monitor him/her with Baby Monitor 3G and you have to use a toilet or just nip out of the room. You come back and see that there was a noise in your baby’s room. Damn! What was that noise? Does she/he cry? If so, for how long?

Activity Log is feature that will dispel these fears and make baby monitoring and your parent’s life easier.

It is the great assistant for discovering sleeping patterns of your baby and see how often was your baby awake. With Activity Log you are able to replay any sound recorded during any monitoring session.


How Does Activity Log Work?

Activity Log provides you the simple overview of all sounds that were recorded in your baby’s room during monitoring. To see the list and replay any sound just click on the underlined time in the message “Last noise x minutes ago” on monitoring screen or go to settings on your parent’s station and click on Activity Log.

Parents who use Baby Monitor 3G often, will definitely appreciate the overview of all sounds recording during any monitoring session. To see this overview please click on “All” in the top part of the screen.

Here you can see the video that introduces this new feature.

Share The Noise

Activity Log enables you to share the recorded noise. It can be very helpful e.g. if your baby have a cough and you want to send it to your pediatrician or you just want to save funny sleep talking of your baby for grandparents or friends. Just go to Activity Log, replay the sound and click on “Share button”. You can share it via email, message or directly to your Facebook friends.

Privacy & Security

ScreenshotPrivacy & Security is one of our top priorities, so we would love to assure you that we don’t store the audio data on our or other servers at all. All recorded sounds are stored only in your device. All monitoring data from activity log can be deleted by swiping or “Delete” button. However, please be sure that if you delete them, there is no way how we can recover these noises.


We hope that you’ll like new update and it would be awesome, if you could write a review on the iTunes App, Mac App, Google Play store.  And if you have any questions, just let us know on

If you’re not using Baby Monitor 3G yet, it’s about time to download it on  iTunes App store to your iPhone or iPad or Google Play Store to your Android device. Mac version with Activity Log will be available by the end of the year.

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