New Geotag Photos Pro 2 for iOS

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New Geotag Photos Pro 2 for iOS

We are happy to announce that today we’ve released Geotag Photos Pro 2 for iOS. It’s not just a regular update, the app has been completely rewritten.

The first version of Geotag Photos Pro was released in 2010, but in the mobile world, that’s like hundred years – the apps and phones were quite different from todays devices.

It was difficult to maintain the old code and because we wanted to add new cool features,  we’ve decided it’s time to start from scratch.


What’s new?

We’ve already uncovered the most significant new features in our previous article, but here is the list of changes:

  • Brand new user interface designed according to the new iOS guidelines
  • Trip recording screen now shows more information, including a trip map.
  • Camera time section is moved to main screen – you’ll never forget to adjust the camera time again.
  • Much better overview of your past trips.
  • Statistics of your trips
  • Automatic trip upload to (but you can turn it off)
  • iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive support – your trips are uploaded automatically as GPX
  • Improved logging accuracy
  • Easy to follow onboard tutorial
  • Multiple devices connected to one account
  • Apple Watch support

Is there a trial version?

With our first version of Geotag Photos we had a trial version, so anyone could try it. But this way as you can figure out wasn’t always optimal. We wanted to keep this option and give you even more freedom to try out all the new features.

Having two version of the same app (full and trial) has major downsides. The most annoying thing for our customers is that you can’t switch between iOS and Android without paying for the app again.

Now you can download the app for free, try it for three trips and then you can unlock the app for one time fee via the in app purchase

How much will Geotag Photos Pro 2 cost and how do I get the update?

The app is available for free on AppStore, and you can unlock the full version for $7.99.

Current users of Geotag Photos Pro for iOS can upgrade with a 50% discount – it means that you can get brand new full version for just $3.99.

Anyone who purchased the original Geotag Photos Pro after 30.5.2015 till release date (14. October 2015) gets the the upgrade for free.

If you already bought our Geotag Photos Pro 2 for Android and you are using our account, you will get iOS version for free as well.

To get your discount or free app, all you have to do is to login with your account within the app.

How to activate discounted or free upgrade?

First install new Geotag Photos Pro 2. The discount or free upgrade linked with your Geotag account, so that you have to login with it to activate it. You can logout then, if you don’t want to use our cloud service.

  1. open Settings tab
  2. choose Cloud services item
  3. Choose service
  4. Login with your existing account.

That’s all! Your free upgrade or discount is active. In case of discount you will see new price in Settings tab.

Download new Geotag Photos Pro 2

What about my old version of Geotag Photos Pro? Can I keep using it without the update?

The current version will remain in the AppStore, which means that you won’t be forced to upgrade and you can use the version you’re already using.

We love to hear, what you think about the new version and what we should else improve in it. Please send us your feedback to!

What do you think?