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Dog Monitor celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday with 50% Off


We’re delighted to announce the special Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion for our popular application – Dog Monitor.

From Friday, 27th  to Monday, 30th November, you can get 50 % OFF on all available versions of Dog Monitor:

Dog monitor for Mac: $1.99 (original price $3.99)  download_at_mac_store

Dog Monitor for iOS:  $1.99 (original price $3.99)  Download at App Store

Dog Monitor for Android:  $1.99 (original price $3.99) Get it on Google Play

Dog Monitor is a must have app for all dog lovers. Thanks to it you can now connect any two devices (iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or Mac) and turn them into an advanced pet monitoring solution.


With Dog Monitor you can: 

  • Monitor your dog when it is lonely and hear when it is barking.
  • View live video or images, which make it easy to discover what your pet’s doing or been up to.
  • Communicate with your dog to prevent him from chewing your favorite slippers, or, to stop her from barking and destroying your neighbors’ sanity.

For more info about Dog Monitor please visit website

Hurry up to the App store and Google Play Store, before the price goes up, and don’t forget  to share this great deal with friend, who might also enjoy Dog Monitor. 

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