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Baby Monitor 3G gets HD video and improved audio!

We are happy to announce that our latest update is ready and it is bringing new level of quality into our Baby Monitor 3G.

Since the first release of our application we introduced a lot of new features and video was definitely one of them. For some time however, we were aware of the fact that quality of video is not good enough and that is what made us thinking about improving it.


And now it is ready. The latest version is bringing HD video support to your Baby Monitor 3G (up to 720p), so you can use fully the capacity of your big screen phones, tablets or even Apple TV. We know that higher quality of video is coming together with bigger data usage. But we are not forcing you to use HD video at all. You can choose whether you would like to have HD video or if you still want to use SD video instead. Thank to new video settings you can also choose different levels (Low, High and HD) of video quality for different situations (WiFI, cellular) so you don’t need to worry about switching it during monitoring. By default, we left original video quality when any of devices is on cellular network, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs for data.

But what would be HD video with average audio quality? That would be probably just a bad joke. We looked on our audio code and realised, that we can make improvement here as well. Thanks to new audio codecs new version of Baby Monitor 3G bringing much bigger audio quality with the same data usage.

Except of those two big updates, we also implemented new version of Apple Watch app. It has new design and new functionality as well. Finally you can view Activity log on your wrist and also enjoy better video.

Baby Monitor 3G - new Apple Watch app


Enjoy the new version, let us know what do you think about our new version into comments or write review in AppStore or Google Play.

Note: update was just released for iOS, TVOS and Mac OS. Android version is coming soon.

What do you think?