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Dog Monitor available on Android TV!

Since the beginning of Dog Monitor we have been focusing on availability of the app on as many devices as possible. The Android users have been using the Dog Monitor on phones, tablets and computers. We have adjusted the app on different sizes of screens. Now we present it on the biggest one – Android TV.

Don’t worry, you can do anything you want on your TV but you can maintain monitoring as well. Dog Monitor on Android TV will present you with the opportunity to run the monitoring within the screen of your favorite show, sport match or video game.


Two options of the Monitoring window will give you the chance to optimize the usage to your personal preference and comfort. The monitoring will either display in the top right corner in the form of a little window or as a bottom bar similar to the information feed at the news programs. The window is made very sensitively, so it does not disturb you during your program but will provide you with the constant knowledge of your dog‘s activity.


As usual with Dog Monitor, users can pair this device with the ones they are already using such as phones or tablets. We are constantly working on the app so the features are complex and so the users can use a whole variety of devices to watch their doggy sleep.

We are very happy that we made another step towards users‘ full satisfaction. Dog owner’s comfort and trust is very important to us so feel free to leave a comment here or on Google Play.


Note: This update is related to Android TV. Dog Monitor for Apple TV had already been released.

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