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Getting a puppy is always a big day and it is necessary to be well prepared for a new guest. It is very important to think about these things ahead and have everything settled. Moreover, the puppy has to get used to everything from the first moment so make sure that things like bedding or bowls has their permanent place. Changing it later could cause a stress to your puppy. We are going to show you what is essential for every new dog owner to have at home when inviting a new family member. We focused on latest trends!

Comfortable and safe

Dogs need to have some place where they can rest, sleep or just hide when they want to be alone. And even though it is not the only place they choose for sleeping, absence of it would be a huge problem. When you are buying a bed or crate for your dog make sure it is big enough for him to move around. If you are creative or just want to save some money you can also make the bed on your own. We have chosen some good ideas to inspire you.

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By: Lesa Maloney,


By: Brian Patrick Flynn,

The next thing you will definitely need is collar and lead. These two depends on size of the dog and shop assistant will certainly tell you which one is suitable. If you are searching for something really cool, look at these Friendship Collars, we love it.


To be sure your puppy is fine even when you are not at home, you can use our Dog Monitor app. We consider it as a very useful gadget especially for puppies who are not used to be at home alone.


Stephenie Berlet: “A puppy parent must have! I haven’t had this app very long, but so far, I’m impressed. It has really eased our mind. Crate training is not easy for our 4lb Izzy and it makes me feel better to see/hear that she’s not in any real distress when I’m at the grocery store or wherever. I have no excuses for not hitting the gym now.”

More about the app here.


Next things you will not be able to live without are bowl for food and water. For sure, you can choose from many types and designs that will fit your puppy but what is more important is the food you put inside. Puppies need to eat a lot but not too much. You should follow the instructions on the bag of dog food and adjust it as needed. According to Dog Food Advisor, this is how the puppy food should look like:

  1. Higher in meat-based protein
  2. Higher in natural fats and oils
  3. Lower in carbohydrates
  4. Formulated from a named (non-generic) animal source
  5. Free of animal or vegetable by-products
  6. Free of artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives
  7. Complete in all essential vitamins and minerals
  8. Not excessive in calcium for large breed puppies

Soon you will try to teach your puppy something and you will need some dog treats to reward him. Good news is that you can easily make them by yourself. There are plenty of recipes that are tasty and you exactly know what is your dog eating. What about carrot and sweet potato dog treats? Recipe here.


You will also have to keep your puppy clean and good looking. From our own experience bathing is not a dog’s favorite activity but inevitable at least once a month. You will need a special dog shampoo because it is less drying. On the other hand when it comes to brushing it seems that we both enjoy it. There are of course brushes for dogs but the usual one will also do well, just think about the type that will fit your dog’s fur.


The last but not least are toys. Puppies are very playful and like to chew a lot. If you want to prevent any damage in your house or flat, you should give him something to play with. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this item, just be creative and make some toys on your own! Inspiration here.


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