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Great New update of Baby Monitor 3G on Android brings the ability to hear the quietest noise and enable full-screen video

Prague, Czech Republic, 31st August 2016 – This Wednesday, TappyTaps released a new version of the highly popular Baby Monitor 3G parenting app. This new update brought a feature called Every Noise, which will help you hear even the quietest noise in the baby room. However, there is more.

EveryNoiseThe sound monitoring aspect is crucial with Baby Monitor 3G. The standard sound coverage allows parents to know if their baby is sleeping, if they are being noisy or if there is a disturbing loud sound somewhere around the crib. Sometimes, parents want to check even ambient quiet sound (like baby breathing) to be sure the baby is doing well. That is where Every Noise comes in handy.

By enabling Every Noise, the app activates special sensitivity to capture even the quietest noise. Its volume is then increased and it is transferred and replayed on the Parent Station.

“I, as a father of 4, know that it is very important to hear what is happening with your little one. Sometimes I wonder if my kiddie is still sleeping or if everything is going well in their room. Now I just activate the Every Noise function, and I have a good overview of what’s going on”, says Jindrich Sarson, CEO of TappyTaps.

Hand in hand with the sound goes the video. Since today the HD video is offered with the option of full-screen mode. This way, the picture is bigger than ever before and all the little details are more visible.

The iOS version was already released with the Android version.

Key new features:

Every Noise – enables special sensitive mode, so even the quietest noise is transmitted to the parent station

Mute Mode – turns sound off – especially handy during a party with friends, when the baby awakes, and parents don’t want to let everybody listen to how they soothe their baby.

Fullscreen mode – provides parents with an opportunity to watch the video of their baby on the whole screen.

Lullabies support – plays lovely lullabies and calming sounds directly from the application (Baby Station must be iOS).

Regular Voice and video improvement


Multiplatform Baby Monitor 3G is the most popular cross-platform video baby monitoring application. It is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac OS) and Android operating systems (Phone, Tablet, Android TV and Android Smart Watch), compatible in any combination, and is used by over one million parents worldwide.

It has many unique features, such as HD video support, Activity Log, Multiparent support, Lullabies and much more.

The application supports 13 languages including English, French, German, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese and Czech.

The app is available now for $3.99 around the world.


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