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Dog Anxiety

Labrador retriever is lying in door of the house

Does your dog feel anxious sometimes and you are clueless about how to help him? In this article we are going to tell you what is the most probable cause and also how to help your dog overcome the anxiety.

From our experience there are several impulses that can cause the anxiety in dogs. The most common one is separation. Your dog is barking, chewing and destructing everything around. Mostly people punish their dog for such an activity and don’t realize what is causing it. The best thing owners can do is to prevent separation anxiety from the beginning. According to the solution is education and behaviour of the owner. Puppy needs to be taught to be home alone even though the owner is mostly at home (for example the person is working from home or it can be a retired person). Only try to leave your doggy at home time to time so that he gets used to it. Also the big mistake owners do is to be anxious themselves about leaving home without their dog. Don’t make it dramatic and your puppy won’t be dramatic either. Be sure that your doggy has something to play with especially to chew (you don’t want him to chew your furniture) and also take him out whenever it is possible. Short walks and activities will burn off excess energy.

Dogs are very sensitive to their owner’s mood and feelings. Also if you feel sad or stressed you can easily transfer the anxiety to your dog. Find your own way how to relax especially doing sports can help a lot. Moreover, there are sports you can do with your dog and we consider it a best option for you both. For example running or dog yoga (more about dog yoga below).

Next thing that can make your dog feel uncomfortable is breaking the routine. Dogs need an order not only in stuff around them but also in activities. Try to keep your activities the same every day. Having planned a regular activities can be beneficial to you too.

Meeting unknown people or animals can also cause fear in your dog. If you cannot avoid meeting this person or animal and you want them to get on with well you should try again and give it more time to get to know each other. Just be careful in the first moments.

Travelling especially by car is not a pleasant activity for dogs and for puppies even more. Be prepared that in the beggining it can cause quesiness and vomiting. Start with short distances and after some time your dog should get used to it. More about travelling with dogs coming next week!

The other causes could be noises (for example storms), previous bad experience or some illness. In these cases you can soothe your doggy and use some of the calming tools from the list below.


  1. Calming collars – The first thing we recommend is the calming collar. It is based on aromatherapy and by using a verified blend of herbs it calms any kind of anxiety.
  2. Pressure wraps – Pressure wraps are based on knowledge of acupressure and due to the constant pressure helps to relieve the anxiety. You can either buy it or make it from some piece of cloth. Don’t make it very tight, the dog should be able to breathe normally.
  3. Music – Did you know that there is a relaxing music made for dogs? Breaking the silence at home while nobody is in there can prevent the separation anxiety.  You can find many free music on Youtube. Nice  music examples.
  4. Food – There exist a types of food that helps combat the dog’s anxiety. Some of the ingredients contain amino acid L-Tryptophan which increases a production of serotonin. More information can be found in following article.
  5. Dog Monitor – With this app you can talk to your doggy whenever he’s barking or howling and soothe him. Also you can watch the progress of getting used to being home alone. There are many satisfied users around the world, look what they have written about the app!
    Megan Cauley: “This app is great I’ve been using it to monitor my dog with some anxiety issues. It is so reassuring to know how long she is barking, and sometimes I can watch the video of her walking around playing with her toys. I have it set to only use video on WiFi. When sound is off I can still clearly see if she’s being noisy and also access the history….”
    Kathy Crites: “We foster and use this app all the time! Often Foster’s come in with a lot of anxiety, this lets us see how they are doing when we aren’t around. It helps us help them. We LOVE it!”
    You can find more information about app at
  6. Dog Yoga – Have you heard of Doga? Doga is a shortage for Dog Yoga. How we have written above, it is a good idea how to stay fit and relaxed both you and your dog. We have tried it but our doggy just can’t stand calm for a second 😀 Please try it and let us know if it is only our problem!



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