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Travelling With Dogs

Travelling With DogsSummer is coming and you certainly started to think about vacation. As a dog owner you are facing a decision whether to take you four-legged friend with you or not. Leaving him at home is the easier option. You can leave him with your relatives/friends who knows him, pay for dog hotel or find a pet sitter (for example on But on the other hand taking doggy with you can bring a lot of nice moments and memories. If your dog doesn’t have any behaviour problems you should consider this option. Just keep in mind that it requires more time for preparation. Fortunately we can help you with that.

What to pack?

Here is a basic check list of things you can’t forget.

Packing List (2)

What to do before leaving?

Preparation is very important part of your vacation. You need to be sure that your doggy is ready for travelling. First find information about the place where you are going. Search for dog friendly hotels and restaurants. Look for contacts of veterinary stations near the place where you will stay in case something happens and consider a travel insurance. Think about activities that you will do together if it is allowed to take a dog to places you want to visit. Think of equipment you will need for those activities and add it to your packing list. Make an appointment with your vet to check a health condition of your pooch and to get a necessary vaccination. Sometimes especially when you travel by plane you will need a health certificates called “Certificates of Veterinary Inspection”. When you travel by car and your dog is not used to it take him for shorter drives before.

How can Dog Monitor help you?

There can be a situation when you will need to leave your dog in a hotel room or in a car (not in hot weather!). In these situations Dog Monitor can be quite handy. You will be sure that your dog feels ok in the new environment and doesn’t cause any damage. Just in case you are planning to cross the border, inform yourself about cost of using data abroad. Inside the hotel it should be working well on Wi-Fi.

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