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Dangerous Food for Dogs

What Kind of Food You Should Never Give to Your Dog- (1)

Last week was very hot weather so I went for an ice-cream. I was surprised when a girl with two dogs came and bought them vanilla ice-cream which they had eaten in a few minutes. I was wondering if it is good to feed your pooch with food like that. I understand it is tempting when they look at you with those cute eyes but is it healthy? We did a research for you.

In the list below you can see which food you shouldn’t give to your dog. There are milk and sweetener among others so definitely ice-cream is not a good choice. Look what more you should avoid.

Dangerous Food Your Dog Shouldn't Eat

If you think deeper about the food you are giving to your dog you have probably thought about dog food composition. Some of us just buy dog food and treats and don’t read what is in there. But for example bigger amount of some kind of dog treats can be very unhealthy for your doggy. The healthier option is to cook yourself but it is necessary to know how to cook nutritionally balanced food. The book called CHOW from Rick Woodford can be very handy. It contains more than 200 pages of recipes you can easily try at home while cooking for yourself.

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