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TOP 10 Sleep Gear For Traveling Families


As you already know, my husband and I love traveling with our camper, but we always struggle with how to make our travels more comfortable and bearable for our little girls. Every year before holiday I am browsing the internet for any good tips and tricks.

In one of our previous articles we have already introduced you our favorite products when traveling with kids (You can read it here.). Today I would love to show you my collection of Best Sleep Travel Gear.

#1 PeaPod Infant Travel Bed

#2  Portable Blackout Blind

#3 Seatbelt Pillow

#4 Sleep Eye Mask

#5 DockATot

#6 Baby Monitor 3G

#7 Baby Shark Sleeping Bag

#8 Slumber Sling

#9  Folding Travel Crib Bed & Diaper Play Station

#10 Kid-O-Bunk

These products are very interesting and can be very helpful . I haven’t tested most of them yet. So if you have any experience I would love to hear your feedback on them in comments or our Facebook page.

What do you think?