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Summer Activities Inspiration

8 Activities You Should Try This SummerWe are bringing you some ideas for your summer free time. There are plenty of activities you maybe haven’t tried with your four-legged friend yet. Get inspired from the list below and make this summer unforgettable!

1) Early morning/Late evening jogging

Jogging is getting more and more popular. It became a lifestyle, people buy stylish clothes, shoes, take selfies and share how many kilometres they made. However, we don’t have to be necessarily part of this madness and start running everyday just because we love it. And if you take your doggy with you, he will love you for it. Once you start he will not let you miss a single day.

2) Frisbee

Dogs love whatever you throw them but you will never regret buying a frisbee. It is amazing activity for a group of your friends as well as for you and your dog. Dog Frisbee became a sport and you can also start learning some tricks. Just go out and find some space for practising!

3) Swimming

Swimming is typical summer activity and we couldn’t forget to put it on the list. Especially during very hot days it is very pleasant for you both. You can swim in the sea, lake or pool. Just be aware that there are places where dogs are not allowed to swim. Also your dog can be a little bit scared of the water for the first time so be careful where you take him.

4) Hiking and Camping282217_4579192480303_1139410912_n

Do you like hiking? Why don’t you take your dog with you? In some parks (for example National Parks) dogs are not allowed to enter but there are plenty other trails you can take together. Always remember to choose the trail according to the age and condition of your dog. You could easily exhaust him. And last but not least your dog should be trained to follow your calls even if there are other people or animals distracting him.


5) Cycling and Rollerblading

These are activities suitable only for large breeds and for dogs in a very good condition. You definitely shouldn’t bring a puppy for cycling trip. Nevertheless if you have a sporty fur friend give it a try. 

6) Go to the beach

You must admit that beaches has its atmosphere and even if you are not there for swimming it is amazing experience you definitely want to share with your doggy.

7) Train your dog

Weather is nice, you have more free time so there are no excuses. Start training your dog as soon as possible.46715_1605666504012_7864830_n

8) Try Dog Yoga (Doga)

We have already written about doga in one of our articles before!

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