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Going Swimming With Dog

In this article, we are going to tell you what you should avoid when going swimming with your four-legged friend. Going to the lake, pond, river or sea is one of the usual activities during the hot days in summer and it seems like a good way how to cool your dog and have fun. Some dogs love it but some dogs are afraid of water. In both cases, you should be very careful especially if it’s the first time or if you are visiting a new place.

In the beginning, you need to know if your dog is even capable of swimming. It is not recommended to take puppies for swimming and also dogs that are not in a good health condition. If you are not sure, ask your veterinarian for advice. Not every breed is suitable for water activities and here you can see a list of good and bad dog swimmers.


Good vs. Bad Dog Swimmers



There are few dangers you should be aware of before you take your dog to water. The first is the depth of the lake, river, pond or sea. The dog can be so eager to get to water that he can step into too deep place and get in shock. If this is the first experience with water it can strongly influence their attitude to swimming in the future. Therefore it is necessary to keep an eye on them and check the place before they jump in. Sometimes there can be also dangerous things under the water that you don’t see so it is better to go swimming on places that you already know.

If you see that water is dirty and you wouldn’t step in there yourself, don’t let your dog swim in such a water. Some bacteria which appears in lakes and ponds is as much dangerous for humans as for dogs. It can cause a skin rash or inflammation. It’s always good to wash your dog after swimming once you get home. Although water in rivers can be of much better quality, there is a possible danger of strong currents.

Another danger can be temperature. If it’s too hot, jumping into cold water can cause a serious shock. In general, every high-temperature difference should be avoided.

Dogs sometimes have a problem with lack of energy, they overestimate their strengths and that can be very dangerous while swimming too far from a bank.

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