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Baby Monitor 3G Android Update

We are very pleased to announce the newest update of the Baby Monitor 3G to all Android users. We have been working on new features that you can already try on your Android devices and we would love to hear your feedback on them.

What are these major improvements?

Every Noise

This “listening” feature helps you hear what’s going on in your baby’s room anytime you want. By clicking on “Every Noise” button you can sensitize the sound for a moment and you can hear every tiny sound from your baby’s room.


Mute buttonbm_mutemode_android

This feature enables you to mute all sounds from your baby station. Do you wonder when you can use it? Imagine the situation – you invited some friends for
dinner, you are enjoying chatting etc. and suddenly your sweetheart is awake. If you don’t want to disturb your friends and let them listen how you soothe your baby,you can just click on “Mute” button on your parent station. When you come back, you can enable sound alerts again or just continue checking your baby via video.

Fullscreen mode

Last but not least, with this long-awaited feature you can see your baby in crystal clear HD video on the whole screen. You can enable fullscreen mode just by tapping on the screen when you are in the video mode.

Lullabies and sounds (Parent station only)


Every parent knows that smooth sweet lullabies and gentle rhythms help babies to sleep. Thanks to the newest feature of Baby Monitor 3G you can play built-in lullabies and calming sounds directly from the app to induce a sleepy atmosphere, soothe your baby and put him to sleep.

Currently, the feature is available only while paired with an iOS device as Baby Station. The reason is that Android devices can not turn down the sound of played lullaby and you wouldn’t be able to hear your baby over playing the song. We will definitely try to find asolution because it is an amazing tool which makes parents’ life easier.

This update also comes with many fixes and improvements that make Baby Monitor 3G more reliable, stable and effective.


Note: iOS version had already been released before

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