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Last week I was at a family reunion celebrating grandma’s birthday. There were about 40 people and kids among them. I took our dog Benny with us, a little bit afraid how he is going to behave. Surprisingly he was calmer than usual, even calmer than at home until one moment when a kid on a ride-on motorcycle got closer. Probably the sound made my dog angry and made him gently bite kid’s leg. Fortunately, nothing happened but it could have and it made me think about it further. I know my dog sometimes does this threatening “bites” but only in situations when he dislikes something very much. What if you have a small child and dog under the same roof? Let’s see some recommendations!

If you are about to buy a dog you should think it through at first. Puppy needs almost the same attention as a baby so having a baby and puppy at the same time can be difficult. But if you are sure you can handle it then you should also think about what kind of dog you are going to buy. Here you can see a list of recommended breeds.

But it doesn’t mean that other dogs are bad companions. No dog is aggressive by nature and it is all about education. Attacking is a dog way how to express that he doesn’t like something. Small kids usually aren’t aware of the fact that they are doing something unpleasant. That’s why parents should be always watching their kid playing with a dog and stop him when it becomes annoying for the dog. Usually, it resembles the behavior which is not pleasant for humans either. It is very well shown in these pictures:

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Although there might be some dangers about having small kid and dog, it definitely has many positives. It teaches the kid to care about pets and living beings in general and have a respect for them. Also, it develops responsibility in the kid if parents lead him or her to take care of the dog on a daily basis. Dogs are also well known for their therapeutic effects and that can be very useful sometimes 🙂

What do you think?