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Kids and Dogs Safety Rules

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In the previous article, you found out which breeds are suitable for little kids. But even if you choose such a kid-friendly dog it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful while letting him play with your child. Here are several rules that can help you prevent any accident.


  1. Never let your preschool kids without supervision. Also be aware that puppies are very playful but sometimes too much, watch them while they are playing with kids
  2. Some dogs are scared of kids and they feel to be in danger. Don’t force them to interact with kids.
  3. Teach your kids to approach the dog calmly, no running, no screaming. First show him a fist so that he can sniff it before touching.
  4. Teach your kids to avoid hugging, stepping on a tail, paws or even riding the dog.
    Teach your kids to respect the dog and not disturb him while he wants to sleep or while eating.
  5. Some dogs can feel threatened while the kid is too close to their head. Teach your kid how to caress the dog safely. Not coming too close and always pet on the back, from head to tail.
  6. Don’t punish your dog in front of your kids sternly. They could imitate you and get bitten by the dog.
  7. Teach the kids that they should let the things that had fallen down be and train your dog to exchange them for a treat.


These simple rules are essential for building a good relationship between your child and dog 🙂

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