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Dog and cat

It’s a never ending topic. Dogs and cats just can’t get along well. There are many movies based on that “non-working” relationship between those two the most popular pets. And what’s is the worst is that it has even created two fan clubs, dog lovers and cat lovers, among people. It is understandable, cats and dogs have completely different personality and so do their owners. But how do you explain those cute videos where dog cuddles with a cat or even raises the little kitty as his own child? And there are more videos with an amazing relationship between dogs and other pets such as rabbit, hamster, parrot or turtle.

How do the relationships between dogs and other animals work? Unfortunately, people don’t have the ability to read the animal’s mind, Best Gaming Laptop under 1000 to understand their behaviour. Mostly you can see the stories about one animal adopting the other. In that case, experts say that it is connected with an instinct to take care of young to help them survive. Jennifer S. Holland, contributing writer for National Geographic said:

“Instinctively animals take care of young to help them survive and therefore pass on the family DNA, so I think there’s some hard-wiring in there that leads them to offer care to another animal in need. If it isn’t a relative, there maybe some wires crossed, but I think the behavior comes from the same place.”

And Jill Goldmann, an applied animal behaviourist based in southern California, believes that there also has to be a mutual benefit from such a relationship.

Animal behavior is definitely very complicated topic and sometimes it is beyond our understanding but the thing is that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a hatred between dogs and cats (or other animals) as many people think. It is more likely that they will have a better relationship when the two animals live together since they are young or at least one of them is. And sometimes it happens that they will never get on well with but it is definitely worth a try and you shouldn’t be afraid to bring a new pet to your home when there’s already another living.

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