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Dogs and Halloween


For us, as humans, Halloween means meeting with family members, friends and having a lot of fun but be aware of the fact that our dogs don’t have to feel it the same way. Dogs are used to having a daily routine and every change can stress them out. Halloween can definitely interrupt their life more than we expect. It can be a very noisy feast where a lot of new people are coming. What should we do not to cause any stress to our four-legged friends?

New people

There are many factors that can be harmful to your dog. One of them can be the number of people coming to your home that makes the home crowded and noisier than usual. Also, there are many people especially kids coming who are complete strangers to your dog and that can make your dog uncomfortable sometimes even scared because of the costumes. You should pay attention to your dog’s behavior. If he seems to be nervous, try to reduce the number of people coming to him and interacting with him, in particular, the kids who want to play.

Keep an eye on food and decoration

Food is always a part of the feast and it is not only food meant to be eaten but also a food that serves as a decoration. Dogs surely can’t eat the same things as humans and giving them some human food could be hazardous. You can read about forbidden dog food in one of our previous articles. Candles and lanterns are also indivisible parts of Halloween and can be dangerous for dogs. Make sure they don’t have an access to them!

Dog costumes?

Dog costumes have become very popular and it looks really funny on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest but we are not sure if the dogs share the excitement. Some dogs can enjoy wearing such a costume but majority of them probably won’t. It can be also dangerous because they can try to get out of the costume and choke themselves. You can try but never push your dog into wearing it 🙂

We wish a happy Halloween to all dogs!



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