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Do You Know How Many Animals End Up in Shelters?

For November we have chosen a topic which is not very optimistic and we definitely don’t want to cause you any autumn depressions but we think it is important to talk about it, now even more, when Christmas holidays are coming next month and people think about pets as a Christmas present. During the whole month we are going to show you what are the biggest problems concerning shelter animals, how shelters work, why animals end up there and much more.


To begin we would like to show you some numbers to understand the situation. According to research conducted by StaticBrain in September 2016, 63% of U.S.households have at least one companion animal. Every year about 5 million companion animals enter the shelters and 3,5 million of them are euthanized. It is about 60% of dogs that are euthanized in shelters annually, 15% of dogs are returned to their owner and only 25% of dogs and cats are adopted from the shelter. About 78% of dogs claimed to be spayed or neutered and only 10% of animals that end up in a shelter that are spayed or neutered.




These are numbers only for the USA but that doesn’t mean it is not a problem in other countries, unfortunately, the situation is very similar. Taking care of an animal requires a lot of time and sometimes people are not aware of it. Therefore a huge number of pets end up in shelters every year, shelters are full and can’t take care of them all. There are many ways how we can help. One of them is to spread the word about it and that’s why we are going to dedicate to this topic the whole upcoming month. Will you join us?

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