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Dog Monitor App Comes With A New Feature Commands

Prague, Czech Republic, 21st of November 2016 – This Monday, TappyTaps released a new version of the popular Dog Monitor app. Primarily, this new update brought support for commands which enables dog owners to record their own favorite commands and then use them whenever needed. The update also brings an awaited Mute Mode and Every Noise feature, which allows users to sensitize the sound coming from their home.

Every dog owner has taught their dog to obey several commands. Most commands such as “stay”, “sit” or “lay down” are very common, but there are also others that are unique and that only the dog and their owner understand. With the new commands feature, it is easy to record the most frequent commands and then use them whenever necessary just by one tap. Thanks to this feature and also thanks to a new Mute mode, it is now possible to check on the dog and give a command even when it is not possible to have the phone aloud and speak to the dog.  For example, during a meeting or in the cinema/theater.

Key features in this version:

  • Commands – allows you to record voice commands you use the most and then replay them on the Dog Station
  • Every Noise – enables special sensitive mode, so even the quietest noise is transmitted to the Person Station
  • Mute Mode – turns sound off – especially handy when you are at a meeting or in the theater and your phone must be quiet
  • Regular Voice and video improvement


Dog Monitor is a multiplatform monitoring app with an unlimited reach that is used by dog owners all over the world. It is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac OS) and Android operating systems (Phone, Tablet, Android TV and Android Smart Watch), compatible in any combination. It enables dog owners to check on their dog wherever they are (while connected to the internet), see them in HD video and talk to them.

The application supports 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified) and Czech.

The app is available now for $4.99 around the world.



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