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Dog Monitor App Comes With a New Feature Commands

We are excited to release a new version of Dog Monitor app which comes with three new handy features that will make a connection with your puppy even more comfortable and enjoyable.


dm_mutemode_iosEvery dog owner has taught their dog to obey several commands. Most of these commands such as “Stay”, “Sit” or “Lay down” are very common but there are also ones that are unique and that only your dog understands. With this practical feature, you can easily record the most frequent commands in your voice and use them whenever it is necessary just by one click. You can choose from icons symbolizing commonly used commands or you can use a special icon for your unique untypical command. This feature is super helpful especially when you need to communicate with your dog, but cannot do it aloud at that moment.



Every Noise

The other handy feature will provide you with better knowledge about what your dog is up to and what is happening around him. Every noise will allow you to sensitize the sound so even the tiniest noises are easy to understand. Whether it is your puppy’s gentle napping or anything else, you will be able to hear it anytime you want.

dm_everynoise_androidMute mode

dm_mutemode_iosHave you ever been in a situation when you had to keep your phone silent and still wanted to watch your dog? This will no longer be an issue, Mute mode will help you with that. Imagine you’re at a meeting, imagine you’ve gone to a theater. You want to check on your dog but cannot have your phone constantly interrupting. Set your Dog Monitor to Mute mode and keep track of your dog. You can still play him your commands so he knows you have him on your mind.



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Important note: All features are available on both iOS and Android devices.




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