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Visiting a Dog Shelter

Last week we visited a local dog shelter and in this article we want to share what we have seen and heard with you. Our goal was to find out how shelters work and how we can help. Have you been wondering how you can support a shelter near the place where you live? This article might help you!

For the visit, we chose the closest shelter which is only a few kilometers from our office. This shelter is private and belongs to a family who loves dogs and also is devoted to dog training which is a very important part of their work. Currently, there are about 15 dogs, mostly big breeds. Majority of them came to the shel20161101_142253ter because of behavior problems, some of them because of significant aggressiveness. There are even dogs who were about to be euthanized because of their  aggressive behavior. The most common scenario is that the owner of a dog underestimates the training and after some time realizes their dog is uncontrollable, sometimes even capable of biting the owner or somebody else.


When the owner comes to the shelter with the intention to give up the dog, in the first place, they try to do everything possible to help the owner fix the problems and keep the dog. Thanks to the knowledge of dog training they can give an advice about proper training and teach how to behave with the dog. If the owner decides to give up the dog anyway, still he has to pay monthly a certain amount of money to the shelter for the dog’s stay.


img_0195dThey take care of dogs found in the streets too and of course, it requires money for the food and other necessary things. So how do they get money for running the shelter? One of the sources is municipality but usually, it is not enough. Fortunately, there are people who support the shelter financially or by providing them with dog food, collars, leashes and whatever they need. This year there will also be a beneficial Christmas ball and the profit from the sold tickets will be used in the shelter.

Running the shelter is very20161101_142419 time-consuming and exhausting. The married couple who owns this shelter has two little kids and seven dogs at home and still manage to take care of other 15 dogs. The dogs must be fed twice a day and all the crates need to be cleaned every day. It is not possible for them to take all dogs for a walk but many people come to the shelter for dog walks. They usually come regularly and build a relationship with a particular dog.


Looking at all those sad dog faces makes you feel sorry for them but, fortunately, there is still a chance that they will find a new home, people who will love them. This year already 22 dogs from this shelter found a new owner. And we just hope there will be more dogs leaving than coming!


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