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A Little Christmas Gift for all Baby Monitor 3G Users

Hopefully, you have already finished all Christmas preparations; your home is decorated, presents are waiting, and everybody is home, feeling comfortable. Now you can finally relax and open a first tiny gift from us!  🎁




We are very happy that our app is helping so many parents in the world the way it helped us when our children were small. The TappyTaps team was working the whole year on new improvements and features that would make the app better. In March, we started with the improvement of video quality and two months later, we have finished the version of Baby Monitor 3G for Android TV which we are very proud of. The last update included features like Lullabies, Every Noise, and Mute button. Thanks to them you can play lullabies to soothe your baby, hear every tiny sound from your baby’s room and mute all sounds coming from the baby station if necessary. We hope that you found all the improvements useful and we will, for sure, keep working on new features.


We would like to thank you for using our app and we wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday full of love, peace, and happiness with the family, and all the best for the new year! As a little Christmas gift, we have prepared the Baby Monitor 3G phone stand for you. 🙂


You will only need a printer, paper, scissors and at least a little bit skilled hands. First, download and print PDF below and then start the video tutorial and follow the instructions.  Here you can see the result!

Download PDF



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