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Special Winter Care

About 30% of dog breeds are very sensible to cold weather. These breeds were born in countries where is usually warm or not very cold weather, for example, Europe, Africa, some parts of Asia or South America. And even though some people don’t like seeing dogs in fluffy designer apparels, sometimes it is inevitable. So why is it important to put some clothes on your fur friend?


Days when temperature drops to zero can cause problems to some dogs and sometimes even put them in danger. It applies in particular to breeds with soft, short hair or no hair because they don’t have any natural protection. These hairless dogs are typically the small breeds such as Chinese Crested, Peruvian Hairless Dog or Mexican Hairless Dog and they require special care. They certainly cannot go out without clothes. Dogs with short hair are protected a little bit better, but still, you should be careful during winter. You can take them out for a few minutes without any clothes, but for longer trips, we would recommend putting some apparel. There are a few exceptions, some large or medium short-hair breeds are much better protected, and there is no need to put any clothes on them. Among these breeds belongs, for example, Rottweiler or Doberman. On the other hand, it is not given that these dogs cannot wear clothes.

Key aspect is the height

Little dogs are in comparison to the large ones more in harm. The problem is that their belly is closer to the ground and it affects their thermoregulation. Also, old dogs and puppies are more prone to get cold. Puppies are not very well adjusted yet and the older dogs lose the ability to regulate their temperature too.

Fashionable vs. practical

These days many people buy fashion clothes for their dogs without any practical reason and it became a trend. Dog apparels no longer serve only as a protection but it is a part of the styling of both the dog and his owner. There are plenty of shops focused on dog clothing. On the other side, there is a group of people that is strongly against human-like dog clothes. And what do the dogs say? Of course, we don’t know. Probably some dogs don’t mind but you should always consider what is fine or necessary for your dog and what is too much.

Here you can see a list of 10 the most common dog breeds that need a protection against cold weather in winter.

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