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Baby Monitor 3G Wins an Award in Germany!

Show Your App Award panel has announced Baby Monitor 3G as the best app of during the ceremony in Munich on 15th of February 2017. Thirteen members of the committee voted in six different categories with Baby Monitor 3G placed in the life & style category. Initial disappointment after not being announced as the best app in its category was quickly replaced by sheer happiness and pride to have our app called best overall.

The award ceremony was held in a beautiful Italian restaurant “Ciao Francesca.” Some very impressive apps were presented during the show. From entertaining game for children to useful app that helps customers find the best accommodation, there was a variety of apps on display. The quality and range of the best of the best make the victory of Baby Monitor 3G even more humbling. The winners were able to present their app on the national television. Interview held by n-tv gave developers an opportunity to share their feelings of winning a prestigious award as well as where the company is headed.


“Winners of Show Your App Award prove, that even ten years after the smartphones era began, developers can still find new ways to entertain customers with new innovative apps. We are certain that app business is sustainable if the market is open and full of independent developers providing a range of options. That is why we like to cooperate with the community of developers and offer them chances to be creative.” says a member of the committee.

Baby Monitor 3G has been on the market for 5 years. During that period the app has received awards in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Together with more than one million happy customers, the latest prize is another boost and motivation to keep up the hard work. With the award like this, we see that our everyday work is paying off. It is clear to us that a good idea is not the only thing that makes a good app. Making Baby Monitor 3G as good as it is now has been a long process, and we are still not done. Each day we are trying to find ways to perfect it. There is no doubt that none of that would be possible without our loyal customers who constantly share their ideas.


This way we would like to thank our customers for not only using our app but also for positive criticism and continuous feed of ideas. We do realize there is always room for improvement and we are happy to address it.


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