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Rundogo: First Tracking App For All Types of Dog Sports

As you know, we love dogs and developing apps for them even more. We teamed up with the best canicross runners from all over the world and created a brand new app Rundogo. Rundogo is the first unique sports app for tracking performance of you and all your dogs.

Most dog sports lovers had a big problem with tracking workouts for themselves and all their dogs. They couldn’t track multiple dogs during their run, and they had no idea how active each of them was during the month. Rundogo is tracking you and multiple dogs at the same time. When your dogs are resting, you can use Rundogo just for yourself as all activities are stored in one place.


















Choose from a wide range of activities, from canicross through mushing or bikejoring and skijoring to an evening walking and more. Check the pace, distance, burnt calories and weather in your statistics. Analyze how active you were each week and see the progress of you and your dogs.

You can easily find and follow all your friends, like and comment their workouts and get inspired by professional athletes.

Whether you’re a beginner with one little pooch or a professional runner with five Huskies, Rundogo is perfect for you.



















As this is the first version of Rundogo, the app is completely free for now. We are now gathering as much feedback from real users as possible to find out what’s missing, what features you would like to implement and what changes to make.

Rundogo is now available to all iOS users, but don’t worry; we are already working on Android version of Rundogo too!

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