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Baby Monitor 3G Major Update: Low Light Mode, iPhone X, Skin Tone Scale and More

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest update for Baby Monitor 3G. This update is packed with brand new features and small adjustments. Let’s take a look!

Skin Tone Settings and the Fitzpatrick Scale

Since our users are from all over the world, we worked really hard to provide this new feature at its best, as we believe that unity is in diversity. We are happy to introduce the newest Baby Monitor 3G feature providing a skin tone scale to let you customize the baby icon on both Parent and Baby Station.

Throughout the process of bringing this new feature to life, our sketches and designs have changed multiple times, however, one thing stayed the same since the very beginning – the intention to build up this feature not on different races or ethnicity, but on different skin tones instead. Therefore all of our six variations are based on the Fitzpatrick scale. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick was an American dermatologist, who invented a dermatological scale in 1975, based on skin reacting to UV light and buy soma online usa its tanning behavior.

How To Set the Skin Tone

Altogether, we came up with six different skin tone variations, from very pale to pigmented dark brown for both girls and boys. This feature is available in Baby Monitor 3G Settings, where you set your baby’s gender and name. Just click on the Skin Tone button and choose your preferred variant. It can be set at your Parent Station or Baby Station and changed anytime.

Low Light Mode

Another new and highly requested feature for our app is a Low Light Mode. With a special camera setting on the Baby Station, you will now be able to see your baby even in a very bad lighting in the baby’s room. This feature is started automatically so you don’t need to worry about it. Low Light Mode comes handy during the evening and at night when the room is almost dark, and you don’t want to wake your baby up with intensive lighting. 


iPhone X

Whether you’re a proud owner of the newest iPhone X or you still consider getting yourself one, Baby Monitor 3G is fully adapted and prepared for running on this newest device. We adjusted the app’s design and functionality so you can enjoy the full experience of this designer’s piece.

Video and Low Volume Alert

Every update we try to tramadol cheap improve the app based on the needs of our users. As usual, we fixed multiple minor errors that occurred in the app since the last update. We also improved the quality of the video as well as the transmission, so each monitoring it’s even more stable.

In addition to the video, we added a new alert that appears when the volume on the Baby Station is set too low. It happened multiple times to our users that they didn’t realize the volume on their Baby Station device has been set too low or turned off completely. Their baby then couldn’t hear the parents when they used the talk-to-baby feature or played the lullabies.

What do you think about the newest update? Let us know in the comments below!🙂

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