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Best Resources for Holiday Travel with Your Baby

The holidays are the perfect time to share the joy of your newborn baby with friends and family. It’s fun and exciting, but can also be challenging. For the best trip, you want to use the best resources available to you.

Are you traveling with your baby this holiday season? Make your travel worry-free with AllTheRooms’ Best Resources for Holiday Travel with Your Baby.

Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G is just what it says. Your smart device or laptop functions as the “Baby Station” in your baby’s room. Your iOS or Android device functions as the “Parent Station” in your room.

From the Parent Station, you can see live video and hear your baby in real time. You can also communicate with your baby and soothe them remotely.

Baby Monitor 3G is packed with features, and all you need is an internet connection. If you are traveling to another country, the app will still work. The app works even with a weak internet connection. So if you’re sharing the connection with family over the holidays, don’t worry. (You can use your data to connect as well.)

Baby Monitor 3G lets multiple people monitor the baby at the same time. If you are busy entertaining family or preparing dinner, your partner can monitor the baby from their device.

You can also check how often your baby was awake, discover its sleeping patterns, and replay sounds from any previous monitoring.

Sometimes during the holidays, staying with family isn’t possible, and you need to find another place to stay. With all the travel accommodation booking sites available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. AllTheRooms is, quite simply, a booking site for all the rooms.

AllTheRooms is the largest accommodation search engine on the internet. It combines sites like Expedia with Airbnb and Jetsetter. It will also include some sites you may not have even heard of yet.

All you do is plug in where you want to go and your travel dates, and then you pick your place. From there, you can customize further if you want. Narrow your selection by everything from lodging type and price range to location and user reviews. Beyond that, there is a multitude of accommodation options to specify and find the right place for you and your baby.

Baby Dreambox

Sometimes the little ones need some extra help falling asleep when traveling. Baby Dreambox is the app you want to help you with this.

Baby Dreambox calms your baby with classical lullabies or peaceful nature sounds. Or perhaps you have a favorite lullaby or fairy tale. You can record your voice and your baby can fall asleep listening to it every night.

You also can customize the timing of the recordings. Set how long the relaxing melody should play, or use the smart timer. Baby Dreambox will listen to your baby and only play a melody when they are awake.

With these resources, you and your baby are all set for the holiday travel. And for all your accommodation needs, be sure to use

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