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Hurray! Rundogo Is Now Available on Android!

Since the release of the iOS version in October, we’ve been receiving tons of messages with requests for the Android version of Rundogo. We’ve been working on iOS update, Garmin Connect implementation and Android version of Rundogo at the same time. It was very challenging but we made it and we are excited to finally bring Rundogo to your Android devices!🎉😍

Let’s take a look at the Android version of Rundogo!🙂

You and your dogs

Rundogo is a unique app that focuses on tracking you and all your dogs. Before each workout, you can choose whether you’ll be working out alone or with some (or all) of your dogs. In History, you can check your progress, see how active each of you were during a certain period of time and what activities you did.

Tracking all activities

You can choose from a variety of sports. For activities with your dogs, you can select canicross, bikejoring, scooterjoring, walking, skijoring, mushing, dog biathlon and other for any other type of activity.

If your dogs are taking a break and you’re on your own, you can choose running, cycling, scooter, inline, skiing, walking, swimming and other for any other type of activity. You will see how active each of you were during a certain period of time, what activities you did and compare your progress.


Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect makes tracking of any activity with your dogs much easier as you can leave your phone at home. To connect Rundogo with Garmin Connect, just open Rundogo app, tap the Menu in the bottom right corner, choose Settings in the top right corner, then tap Garmin Connect and sign into your Garmin account. Garmin Connect is part of Rundogo Premium, a paid version of the app. But don’t worry, all Premium Rundoggers have 30 days to try it for free!

Getting Social

In Rundogo app, you can easily find and follow all your friends, check their recent workouts and discover new Rundoggers every day. Our beautiful Rundoggers community is growing every day. Make sure to follow members of Rundogo Team, we upload workouts almost every day!🙂

 New Badges

Within Rundogo app, you can see different types of badges in other Rundoggers’ profiles. You will easily recognize our Runodogo Team members. Anyone who has been featured on our Facebook as an inspirational pawesome runner will have the Featured Rundogger badge. All Premium Rundoggers and all our original boosters have Rundogo Premium badge.

Ads in Rundogo free version

We understand that seeing ads in your feed may be a little annoying. But as you know, the app has been completely free and implementing the ads will help us with financing the future development of Rundogo. If you don’t want to see ads in your Rundogo feed, you can simply remove them by purchasing Rundogo Premium.

Rundogo Premium

We are very happy that we got a chance to create something helpful for the dog sports lovers community all around the world. Rundogo Premium is a more advanced version of the app with some additional cool features. A big thank you goes to all original boosters that supported the development of the app at the very beginning. All Rundogo boosters will have Rundogo Premium for free forever! 🙂

Rundogo Premium includes:
* tracking workouts with Rundogo on Garmin Connect
* removing all ads
* receiving Premium badge in your profile
* premium support

How To Purchase Rundogo Premium

All Premium Rundoggers have the first month for free. If you purchase Rundogo Premium now, you’ll have it for $9.99 a year (or $1.99 a month) forever, including all additional features that will be implemented in future!

To purchase Rundogo Premium, please open Rundogo app, tap on “,” choose Settings and under Accounts tap on Account type.

Don’t have Rundogo yet? No worries, download Rundogo now for free on Google PlayJoin our Rundoggers community and don’t forget to share that Rundogo is available on Android with your friends!🙂


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