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New Dog Monitor Update for iOS and macOS Brings Siri Shortcuts and more!

Christmas time is just around the corner and we have more than one surprise for you. We just released an update for iOS and macOS version of Dog Monitor and it comes with a brand new feature!🐶

With the new iOS 12 update, it’s possible to use Siri Shortcuts to control Dog Monitor! This way you can start monitoring your pooch with just one tap or by using Siri.


There are three different Shortcuts to use in Dog Monitor, which will do the following: open device as Dog Station, start monitoring when Dog Station is active (or open as Person Station when no Dog Station is active), and open Activity log.


How to add Siri shortcuts to Dog Monitor?

1) Download and install Shortcuts app from App Store.

2) Now open Shortcuts, tap on “+,” tap on “Search,” and choose “Dog Monitor.”

3) Now all three shortcuts will appear. Tap on the Shortcut “Start monitoring,” to add it. Now tap on “switch” – here you can rename the shortcuts, change the icon and the color, and add it to the home screen. You can add the shortcut to Siri if you wish to control it with your voice.

4) Tap on “Done,” and you’re ready to use the Shortcut!🙂 With just one tap on the icon or with your voice, you can run and control different actions in Dog Monitor.

You can add other two Shortcuts the same way. 


Dog Monitor now runs perfectly on brand new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Make sure to update the app on your MacBooks so it works smoothly with the newest macOS Mojave. And if you prefer monitoring with the smartwatch, Dog Monitor works on Apple Watch Series 4 as well.

Let us know what you think and if what other Shortcuts would you like to have in the app!🐶

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