Autumn Update for Geotag Photos Pro 2 Brings an Option to Import Trips!

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Autumn Update for Geotag Photos Pro 2 Brings an Option to Import Trips!

A few months ago, we released a new desktop tagging app for macOS, Windows, and Linux and we’d like to thank you for the positive feedback we’ve received so far. Since then, we have focused on the mobile apps and we’re happy to share the latest update for iOS and Android with you!🙂


We are happy to introduce you a brand new feature – an option to import your trips. This feature comes handy when you switch to a new phone, accidentally delete your trip or when reinstalling the app. With this feature, you can easily import all the trips that you previously uploaded to back to your phone.

How does the import work? It’s super simple. Whenever you login with your account to our app on your phone, it will automatically search for trips. You can choose if you want to import just some trips or all of them.


You can also import trips on iOS following these steps:


And on Android following these steps:


The app is now fully adjusted for the brand new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and Apple Watch Series 4. Our iOS users can now also easily control the app using Shortcuts. This way you can open the app, start the trip, stop the trip or log the position with just one tap or by using Siri.


We also newly optimized the interface for Geotag Photos Pro 2 on iPad as some of you reached to us suggesting that you’d like to use only the iPad for both tracking (with Geotag Photos Pro 2) and tagging (with Geotag Photos Tagger).

There shouldn’t be any more problems when exporting and sharing your GPX file, and we fixed an issue that some of our users experienced when tagging photos from trips that were tracked for multiple days in a row.


Last but not least, some of our Android users experienced a sudden termination of our app when the app was running in the background. The most common one is that the app was terminated due to battery optimization. We prepared a special guide for you on how to set up your Android device to prevent this from happening again.


We’ll be happy for your feedback about the new update in the comments below or at

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