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Happy Holidays from Baby Monitor 3G Team

Dear parents, the joyful season of celebrating and enjoying time with family and friends is upon us once again. For our Baby Monitor 3G team, we want to wish you Happy Holidays! ❤️

As a little Christmas gift, we prepared beautiful name tags for your Christmas presents. You can choose from multiple designs, add your own photos, and names. Feel free to create as many of them as you like and make each of your presents even more unique. 😊

Christmas name tags

With the end of the year getting close, Baby Monitor 3G comes in handy more than any other time of the year. As the second present from Baby Monitor 3G to you, we created a paper phone stand that is easy to print and fold.

download phone stand button

With the paper phone stand, you’ll always be ready to monitor. We hope you like the presents and we wish you Happy Holidays from the Baby Monitor 3G team! 🙂🎁

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