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Meet Barkio, New Dog Monitoring App for All Pet Owners

Dog Monitoring App Barkio

Dear pet owners, we’d like to introduce you to Barkio, our new dog monitoring app for mobile and desktop. Barkio is a new generation of apps designed for monitoring dogs, and remote buy soma online communication with them. With Barkio, we hope to help dog owners stay in touch with their dogs, and monitor them remotely wherever they are and whenever they need.

You can download Barkio for free on iOS and Android; the desktop version is coming soon.

Why we created Barkio?

Dog Monitor app launched back in 2013 and was one of the very few mobile (and later desktop) apps created for monitoring dogs at home. As the app continued to grow, we’ve received more and more requests on features and ideas on how to improve the app. To be able to grow the app accordingly, we’ve made a decision that after six years, it’s time to create a new, better app with more options on how to stay in touch with your pooch. As Dog Monitor users, you naturally wonder what new dog monitoring app means to you if you should give it a try, and what’s going to happen with Dog Monitor app. If you’d like to better understand how are Dog Monitor and Barkio different, check our comparison post.

You can continue using Dog Monitor without any issues, and we will make sure it works with the upcoming iOS, Android, and macOS updates. However, we won’t implement any new features to the app.

What is Barkio?

Barkio is a smart mobile and desktop app that turns any two devices into a single dog monitoring app, helps you to stay in touch with your dogs and interact with them remotely. You can download and try Barkio for free on iOS and Android.

Two phones with Barkio app

With Barkio, you’re just one tap away from your dog. Get it now on App Store and Google Play.

Should I give Barkio a try?

If you just got a new puppy, fostered a dog from a pet shelter, or you’d simply like to know what your dog is up to when it’s home alone, Barkio can help. It comes in handy in every situation — when you’re working, running errands or when traveling.

We all have to leave our beloved dogs at home alone at some point in the day. Barkio provides you with an option to check on your pooch when it’s home alone, talk to it remotely, and calm it down whenever needed.

Watch live video of your dog and hear every bark

Barkio monitors your dog continuously, so you’re able to hear and watch a video of your dog remotely in real-time. Whenever the dog is noisy, the app alerts you immediately – either in the app or with a notification when monitoring n the background. You can switch between the front-facing and back-facing camera remotely or even activate a Night Light for better visibility.

Communicate and interact with your dog remotely

When your dog seems to be restless or anxious, you can use one of many Barkio options to interact with your dog remotely and calm it down. Talk to your dog in real-time with a microphone feature or prerecord your own custom voice messages. Commands come in handy in any situation, especially if you’re in a crowded or loud environment, where you can’t talk to your dog. If your dog reacts better to visuals, you can stream a video of yourself to the Dog Station so your dog can see you as well.

A phone with Barkio app running and monitoring

Monitor from multiple devices

Barkio is a multi-platform app available on iOS, AndroidmacOSWindows, and Linux. You can download it on all these platforms for free and try out the app without any commitments. With Barkio, you can monitor your dog from multiple devices at the same time. All your family members can join the monitoring and check on your beloved dog.

Monitor your dog with Barkio for free. Download it now on App Store and Google Play.

Helpful overview of all activities

Barkio provides you with the Activity log, a helpful overview of all monitorings with timestamps indicating when the dog was resting and when it was noisy. You can also replay all recorded noises to quickly identify what’s tramadol price been going on. The Activity log is synchronized across all your paired devices, so you’ll always have complete information. The activity log helps you to check everything that’s been going on and understand its behavior patterns.

Android phone running Barkio app with activity log

You can also easily switch to background mode and receive notifications about your dog. Barkio will notify you whether the dog is resting and noisy, and you’ll also be able to replay the detected noise.

Detect separation anxiety in dogs

Barkio helps with detecting separation anxiety in dogs. It’s a serious health issue that affects dogs of any age and breed. As it manifests when the dog is left alone, pet owners often have no clue their dog is suffering from this health issue. Barkio helps with detecting the signs of separation anxiety, and with its subsequent treatment.

How to download Barkio?

Barkio is available in App Store and Google Play and you can download it for free. All you need to use the app are two devices — phones or tablets, and the internet connection (WiFi or cellular data). No need to purchase overpriced hardware cameras.

Download Barkio on App Store and Google Play.

If you’d like to connect with other pet owners and learn more about the app, join our Barkio Facebook Community.

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