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Our Upcoming Baby Monitoring App: Everything You Need to Know About Bibino

A few months ago, we announced through our Baby Monitor 3G app that we’re working on a new monitoring app for parents. Naturally, you must be having plenty of questions about why we’re creating a new baby monitoring app and what it means for Baby Monitor 3G.

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to Bibino, our upcoming baby monitoring app. We’ll explain everything from why we’re creating the new app, what it means for Baby Monitor 3G, and how you can try the new app.

Why we decided to create Bibino?

Baby Monitor 3G launched back in 2012 as one of the first baby monitoring apps on the market. We’ve continuously improved the app ever since, providing you with more features and platforms, such as smartwatch and smart TV.

As the app continued to grow, we’ve received more and more feature requests. Although we’ve tried to implement as many of them as possible, we soon understood that most requested features would never be possible in Baby Monitor 3G without some major changes.

Therefore, we’ve decided to create a new baby monitoring app that will allow us to cover more platforms (such as Windows and Linux), implement helpful features (such as video recording and monitoring multiple baby stations), and provide you with the most reliable baby monitor there is.

How is Bibino and Baby Monitor 3G different?

An iPhone with Bibino Baby Monitor app

There are so many amazing features and options in Bibino to look forward to as a parent. Let’s take a look.

Multiplatform availability

Bibino will be available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. By covering all of the major platforms, we hope to provide you with a reliable baby monitor in any situation.

Night vision

Bibino will automatically enhance the visibility when you’re monitoring in the dark. This will provide you with a better view when monitoring at night. You’ll also be able to brighten the room a little with the Night Light feature, just like you’ve been used to in Baby Monitor 3G.

Bibino account 

With the Bibino account, you’ll be able to easily pair new devices by simply logging in. You have full control over paired devices, and you’ll be able to manage and delete them easily. If you decide to subscribe to Bibino Premium, the subscription will be tied to your Bibino account. With the account, you’ll be able to use the premium version across all platforms.

Smart notifications

Bibino will send you notifications whenever your baby falls asleep and awakes. When noise is detected, you’ll receive a notification with an audio snippet so you can listen to what’s going on without opening the app. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite audio apps while monitoring your baby, which hasn’t been possible on iOS in the Baby Monitor 3G.

Lullabies and soothing backgrounds

An Android phone with Bibino app playing lullabies

Bibino will provide you with a wide range of lullabies and sleeping sounds, available across all platforms. You’ll also be able to record your own custom lullabies to soothe your baby. 

Additionally, you can select from multiple adorable pictures of animals and night sky to project on the baby devices. Together with the lullabies, they make a perfect combination to help your little angel fall asleep. 

Monitoring multiple Baby Station

Although this feature won’t be available in the very first version, it is something we’re actively working on. This feature will come in handy when you need to monitor your babies in separate rooms.

What will happen with Baby Monitor 3G? 

First, we’d like to say that you can continue using Baby Monitor 3G without any issues. Bibino will work as a separate app.

We will continue to support Baby Monitor 3G, and we’ll make sure it is compatible with any future iOS and Android updates. However, we don’t plan to add any new features to the app.

We hope you’ll give Bibino a try as we believe it has so much to offer.

When Bibino launches, and how can I try it?

We will soon roll out a pre-registration for the Bibino app. If you’d like to keep up with the progress, learn more about the app, and suggest your own ideas, make sure to join our Bibino Facebook community.

An Android phone with a notification

Bibino will be free to download across all available platforms. Bibino will provide you with a free trial so that you can try the app with no commitments. Plus, if you’ve signed up in Baby Monitor 3G message, you’ll be eligible for a free 2-month trial.

We hope you’re as excited for Bibino, the new baby monitoring app as we are, and that once it launches, you’ll give it a try.

Got any questions? Join our Bibino community, where we discuss everything about the app.

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